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    Removing Users from Database

      I have just removed all the users from the Database (on purpose!) as we are currently in testing and have chosen to manually create the accounts when we need them, rather than importing from AD.

      I selected all of the account manually from each group and permanently deleted them. Now when i check the amount in the group it still says there are 20+ users in each group - however when viewing the group it is empty.

      I have tried forcing all to match the group config but on each one i get the error - 'Object not found'. I ahve also tried creating one new user in each group and then removing it, however this only updated the incorrect amoutn in each group.

      Is there any way to resolve this without resorting to creating a new database? We have no back ups at the moment...:(

      I should mention that we are using v 5, 1, 7, 0 Build 5502 (517-0024)