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    How to handle a Quarantined Trojan

      When I ran VirusScan v13.3, it detected and quarantined three Trojans named FakeAlert-GM. I cannot find any option to have VirusScan delete these Trojans. On the right hand side of the screen it says "I want to Use Restore to restore this item" Does Restore mean it will take it out of Quarantine without removing it? Why would I want to take a Trojan out of quarantine where it can cause me more trouble? I just want to get rid of it.

      As an update, I ran VirusScan again, and it ran clean. When I clicked on the restore option, nothing was listed to be restored. The only trace if have that this ever happeded is it is listed in the Log. It shows the three Trojan entries as being Quarantined. I even did a search for one of the files (setupxv) and did not find it. I do have two possible options that may or may not work. One is to go to a previous system restore point, or restore the complete system using Acronis. I could do nothing and hope I do not have a sleeping dog in my system. I would appreciate your thoughts on this situation.

      This is a second update to my problem
      I linked up with a chat session with McAfee, and they said I should contact their service suport group to have them remove any virus I may have, for a charge of $89.95!!! What a bummer that is. I have no symptoms of a virus on my machine. I did a file search for one of the "Virus files" it showed in the details, and the search came up empty. I certainly don't want to spend $90 + chasing a trojan that many not even exist. The other option I have is to do a complete HD restore from an earlier backup using Acronis. However, I have a good working system and really don't want to bring on any new problems that may take everything down. I was really dissapointed with the support I received from McAfee on this one.
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          Best to edit your original post as it takes it off our "Unanswered Posts Alert" if you answer your own post.

          Restoring an item from quarantine puts it right back where it was originally. More information on that can be obtained by clicking the "Help" button on the upper right of the open Security Center window.

          There could be malware present so download, update and run the free version of these two tools. Let them remove everything they find:



          Sorry you were directed to paid Virus Removal but support are paid to say that as part of their pitch. There is always free support available and if the above don't help then I can steer you to somewhere that will.
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            Thanks Brit for your reply. After looking at the McAfee restore option again, I realized there are two parts. I only looked at the default one (Programs and Cookies). The Trojans were listed under "Files". From here, I was able to delete them. I realized it was my fault for not looking at the file list as well as the program list. I explained exactly what I was looking at, and what I saw during the chat session. The person on the other end said nothing about looking in the file section. They just directed me to the "Pay for Delete" part of McAfee. I also had some other Trojan files that were quarantined two years ago. I would think it would be OK to delete them as well. I also don't understand why I could not find the .exe file that was in the detail list for the Trojan. Does the quarantine isolate the files from all access, even display? Thanks again for your response. It appears I don't have to download and install the delete programs you suggested.
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              Yes, the quarantine area is encrypted so you wouldn't be able to locate them yourself.

              So everything is OK now then?
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                Yes, everything seems OK. It certainly appears that McAfee handled the Trojan properly via quarantine, and I was able to remove it. Thanks again for your help !!
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                  Glad I could help. Any further problems please start a new thread and good luck!