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    Mcfee Endpoint Encryption / SafeBoot AutoIt3 Functions

      Hi Everyone,

      After searching around the McAfee Community and the AutoIt3 Forums, it would seem as though no one has released User Defined Functions for McAfee Endpoint Encryption, so I decided to write some (since I’d need them anyway). I've heard from a few folks that they're using AutoIt, so this may come in useful in the future. You know the drill, these are not supported (by myself, SafeBoot, McAfee, or anyone) and that that you should use them at your own risk.

      For anyone unfamiliar with AutoIt, it's a very easy language to learn and your scripts get compiled into EXEs instead of VBS' that require a working engine like CSCRIPT or WSCRIPT to execute. You can find out more about AutoIt3 at http://www.autoitscript.com/autoit3/

      I've setup functions that will register the COM, unregister the COM, connect to the database, disconnection from the database, and issue commands. I need to cleanup my sample code a bit to remove environment specific things and also to tidy it up a bit, but I will get some sample code posted.

      Anyway, since we can't attach files here, I've posted the functions at the following site:

      Comments Welcome happy