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    Search Engine Virus

      I am using XP and IE7 and am a bit of a computer moron.
      I have a similar problem to LAZZY and JCargill. Using Google any searches reveal the correct text but the link takes me to 3rd party places such as Coupon mountain. Very kindly the virus also gives me a slick looking page telling me I have a virus and appears to start to download a file, I have always stopped this downloading.
      Security Centre found nothing, nor did Malaware or Superanti spyware when used from the same machine. Malaware and Superantispyware were downloaded after the virus arrived but Security Centre was on for years and does get its daily updates.
      I used the McAfee premium service where I paid extra and let a McAfee chap take control of my machine, no luck there he said I would get a phone call in the next two hours I'm still waiting for that 2 days later.
      I may sound thick but;
      How do I get rid of this
      I assume its not safe to use any passwords on the machine
      Is email safe
      Does this actually have a name yet and why when its been around for some time can none of the virus/malware do anything about it?
      Would loading an anti spyware pack to a CD or stick from another clean machine and then loading on the infected one help
      What can be safely backed up without backing up the virus
      Is sitting back and waiting for a fix from one of the above packages an option
      Sorry if I'm sounding thick but I guess I'am
      Thanks for taking the time to read and hopefully help where McAfee can't even ring back.
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          Are you sure it is Coupon mountain you are being re-directed too. When it happens again copy the link down and post it here, leave out the http.

          Is it this site you are being re-directed too.

          That site is safe.
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            Thanks for your reply;
            I chose the random name Jam (same sites appear for any search word) and entered it on Google, the Blue Header and text appear to be from genuine sites, BBC, Wikipedia etc. The web addresses from the first page were as follows;
            Clicking on the return arrow on the top left of the IE screen that would normally return me to Google only refreshes the link.
            Strangely adding .com so that it reads jam.com in the search box actually reveals a selection of websites such as jam.com, defjam.com which are all correct sites.
            Thanks again for your interest
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              Cannot find anything wrong with these sites.



              This does not load for me.

              Have you recently installed anything just prior to this, which version if IE are you using, do you have Firefox installed, if so, does it happen when using FF as well.
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                I have IE7 and have never used anything else like Firefox.
                Having stayed away from Google as a result of the problem it now appears that only the front page of searches is affected the second page and further pages appear to be the results you would expect. The first page results are the ones that are redirected.
                Searches in Ask or Yahoo work properly.

                A search for NASA in Google shows up as;
                NASA - Home
                News, links, mission schedules, and NASA for kids.
                couponmountain.co.uk - 43k - Cached - Similar pages

                The above is coloured as per usual searches
                The first line is blue and bold.
                The second line black
                couponmountain.co.uk -43k-is in green the Cached - similar pages are in pale blue
                Thank you for your assistance
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                  Sorry, No new programs have been installed recently although one website I looked at on a weekly basis was shut for"server problems" about 2 weeks ago which is alstewart.com.
                  The freescan.antivirus.com still comes up as the link when I search.
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                    I managed to get to freescan.antivirus.com via google cache, still cannot find anything wrong with those sites. Is BT you`re ISP or a BT Wholesale such as Aquiss.

                    You should always install a second browser just in case, i would recommend you install Firefox , also install Noscript and AdBlock Plus.

                    I would also recommend SpywareBlaster it does not scan, it just sits in the background blocking tracking cookies, malicious ActiveX and others.

                    You might need to clean out your cookies and temp files, CCleaner is a good free programme that does just that, untick the option to install the Yahoo toolbar.

                    Open the programme and tick all the boxes until you get to the Advanced in the windows section, tick all boxes in application.

                    Now click on options, set to secure file deletion and select 35 Guttman. Untick the box where it states run CCleaner when computer starts.

                    Now go back to cleaner and click on analyze, once completed click on run cleaner. Leave the registry section alone, unless you know exactly what you are deleting.

                    Let me know if things have improved.
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                      Vinod R
                      Steps to try:



                      Delete it (or move/rename) and Reboot.
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                        Dear Vinod & Paullotion
                        Vinod your solution worked first time. I renamed the file and all is well (at the moment). Excuse my ignorance but I renamed the file, is it best to leave it like that or delete it all together.
                        Paul I am currently taking your advice and adding the programs you suggest.

                        I am still awaiting a phone back from McAffee 3 days later and yet you two have come up trumps. I have little to contribute to forums such as these due to my ignorance, people like me will come and go as and when we have problems you guys hang around and solve them - THANKS.
                        If it were possible I'd buy you both a drink, in the absence of that if its okay with you I'll put a donation of some money to a charity, seems only fair that someone else benefits from your expertise.
                        THANKS AGAIN.
                        I hope I don't have to trouble you further:)
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                          Vinod R

                          Glad it helped...
                          And thanks for the Offer :p

                          More over McAfee will detect and quarantine this file now:)
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