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    HP TC4400 tablet Endpoint boot problem

      A Bios updated and setting change will fix the issue. We have experienced TC4400 tablets when after installing endpoint it hangs or stops with blinking curser after safeboot login screen. the new ROM date will be 7/9/2008 version F.0C HP download SP40187.exe. It will add a new option/feature under system configuration> Device Configuration> and new setting choice will be "HDD Translation Mode". After updating bios the default setting was
      " bit-shift" which still did not let it boot normally. Select bit-shift and use right arrow key and choose "LBA-assisted" save changes and exit. It should boot normally now after logging in to safeboot. We never had this problem before with the previous version of safeboot. It only happened after reloading two of these tablets. Our safeboot administrator stated that we are using the older/previous exe installations file and it upgrades to endpoint client upon syncing first time after reboot from first installation. I would like to know why this works.
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          What version of Endpoint are you running that you have to do this on? We had some problems with V5.1.3 with the TC4400 where if they were on a docking station they would freeze shortly after you signed in. No problems off the docking station, though. Version V5.1.6 and above did not have this problem.
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            We are on Ver. 5.1.7. I beleive we had that same issue as well with the docks. I believe that was fixed with unchecking the option of MBR antivirus scan..... I think. We also had an issue with the newer HP 30 series laptops "6930, 8530, etc.) and USB. I dont remember the solution for that but it was another option to uncheck. I believe other brands had same potential issue. I an not the Safeboot admin though if machines fail I have to figure where the issue is. It puzzles me why exsisting TC4400's scattered all over our state have not failed from the client upgrade, only the the ones I had to reload. And we tried updates, different images, settings, etc. only after BIOS update and the new option settings for LBA-assisted did the problem go away. The other tablets are still working without the BIOS upgrades....for now