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    WebHelpdesk Server

      Hi, i am trying to set the webHelpdesk application up on our server which has win 2003 standard SP2 and the version of Safeboot is 5,1,5,0.

      I've installed the certificate but the problem seems to be with the service "SafeBoot HTTP Server" which will not start-up.

      When trying to start it, it attempts it, then comes back with an error message
      "The SafeBoot HTTP Server service on Local Computer started and then stopped. Some services stop automatically if they have no work to do, for example, the Performance Logs and Alerts service."

      Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
        • 1. RE: WebHelpdesk Server
          turn logging on in sbhttp.ini and take a look at the resulting file (or post it here) - it will tell you what the problem is.

          usually it's your cert.
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            You might want to edit the sbhttp.ini file to reflect the name of your cert instead of

            If you try to start the service but it fails to start this is usually the problem.
            • 3. Cert
              I am in the same boat, and I have tried multiple self signed certificates in multiple formats with different naming formats. the log always indicates that the certificate cannot be found.

              ===================== SafeBoot HTTP server =====================
              Name : SafeBoot webRecovery
              Version : 5.1.1
              Port : 443
              Certificate :
              Database : SafeBoot Administration Database

              STOPPED: Unable to find server certificate

              I have added the cert name each time in the sbhttp.ini file. Any ideas what I could be doing wrong?
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                Are you getting your certs from McAfee?

                Can you get the cert that comes with the CD to work?

                The WebTool is really easy to setup... do you have a good doc going over how to do this? if not i have one and i can email to anyone if they need it.

                Just let me know.
                • 5. RE: Cert
                  where did you put the certificates? Ie how did you install them?
                  • 6. cert
                    No, I am generating a cert from one of our internal certificate authorities. We never had any media, our product was downloaded. I would like to try the cert, but I dont have it. I have the admin documentation that came with the product, and I am positive once I get the cert to work, I will be good as gold (famous last words). I imported the certificate into the safeboot service certificate under safeboothttpserver/personal. as far as the cert file itself, the many I have tried have been imported from the C:\Program Files\SBAdmin\ and C:\Program Files\SBAdmin\Web folders
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                      you can download it with the tools CD - from the same place you downloaded the product.
                      • 8. cert
                        I will do that, and post my results, thank you
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                          as a note, you need a Server Authentication Certificate, in PFX format is the simplest.

                          That's all there is to it.
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