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    Content Encryption username password issue

      We are running a Safeboot Pilot. We have Device encryption on 10 laptops and all is well. We have now started installing Content Encryption on some of these laptops, the first 3 were okay but now we have one that will not work. After install we reboot and...

      1) Log into McAfee screen at boot, windows loads and logs in and then the Mcafee login screen appears.
      2) At this point we should be able to just log back in with the McAfee username and password used in step 1. This works on all other machines but not this one. You type in a McAfee user name and password and it just returns the McAfee login screen straight back.

      Why will it not accept any of the valid McAfee usernames and passwords?

      We don't understand why it accepts the McAfee username password at boot but not when in Windows?

      (You can remove the software by booting into safe mode and removing but on reinstall it just does the same thing making the machine un usable).

      Any help appreciated.


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          maybe this machine can't see the network for some reason? turn on the policy option "disable forcing of logon on first boot" and rebuild the installer, then you won't get promoted for the login.

          you also might want to turn on the "attempt logon with endpoint encryption for PC credentials" to stop the double logon.