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    SBGINA.DLL and Logon Issue

      Hey Everyone, Safeboot rookie here to please bare with me. I'm having an installation issue with Safeboot client 5.1 which I can't figure out for the life of me.

      When I install Safeboot 5.1, the GINADLL in the registry gets changed to SBGINA.DLL and when the machine reboots (after I log in to safeboot) when the Windows Logon screen comes up it goes directly into the logon screen instead of the ctrl-alt-del screen. Though this may not seem like that big a deal, it forces the user to have to press ESC to get back to the ctrl-alt-del screen so that they could then insert the smartcard and be prompted for their PIN. If I was to change the GINADLL entry back to MSGINA.DLL, it works as expected on the first reboot, but the automatically changes itself back to SBGINA.DLL and back in square one...

      Anyone have any ideas how I can either 1) Change it so that Safeboot doesn't bypass the ctrl-alt-del screen or 2) Change it so that the MSGINA.DLL change is permanent to avoid this issue.

      Now, to make things even more interesting, the above issue occurs when I do a brand new installation of Safeboot 5.1. If I was to, instead, install 4.2 and then 5.1 after, it leaves the gina as MSGINA.DLL and everything is honkie dorie.

      Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
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          turn off the windows login options in the machine policy, then we won't take over the windows login.

          its your policy which is putting the gina in place - just clear all the options and it won't do it any more.
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            Thanks for the reply.

            When I do this, I am no longer able to change my password on Windows and have it synchronize with Safeboot.

            Is there any setting/way to maintain password synchronization without having safeboot trigger a logon (ctrl-alt-del) at start up?

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              Still looking for assistance on this. Is anyone else experiencing this?

              After the suggestion above and some more testing, the problem comes down to this:

              With Safeboot 5.1, when I install the client and enable the option to keep my windows password and safeboot password synchronized, safeboot replaces the gina with SBGINA.DLL. This would work fine, except for 1 issue which I'm surprised no-1 else has ran into...

              When the machine boots up, rather than going into the ctrl-alt-del screen, it goes straight into the legal notice as if the machine triggered a ctrl-alt-del command by itself. Only way to stop this for us so far has been do disable to windows login synch option, but then we lose that ability.

              Anyone have any other suggestions?

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                it's normal - if your security message was disabled we'd log in for the user (no need to press ctrl-alt-del).

                that's what Windows login is all about - reduce the number of steps the user has to go through to one login.

                why do you want the ctrl-alt-del prompt? The user just went through the pre-boot login so we know they are sitting there. Seems odd to make them perform other steps.
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                  We're using SmartCards for authentication into Windows and for internal security reasons, we are unable to use them through Safeboot. So, by triggering ctrl-alt-del, the users have to exit out onto the normal previous screen to insert the smartcard to trigger the pin request.

                  So I suppose the question would be, is there any way to maintain windows password synchronization with Safeboot without having Safeboot trying to log on?

                  Thanks for the responses.
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                    You really need to go in the regedit and rename sbgina to msgina.
                    I THINK thats what you are asking
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                      That will fix it temporarily until the policy synchronizes again. To be a bit more specific "Automatically logon as boot user" is NOT checked, the options selected currently for my test machines are:

                      Set SafeBoot password to Windows password
                      Must match Windows user name

                      But the ctrl-alt-del still triggers.

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                        From my experience, this is most liekly always going to happen for security reasons and what have you.
                        I would just leave it like that.
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                          Thanks, but considering that "Automatically logon as boot user" is NOT checked, I don't believe a logon should be getting triggered by SafeBoot.

                          Anyone else have any ideas?

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