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    Can't get rid of Trojan? (fake alert-S.dll )

      Im going crazy here, i keep getting this alert that there is spyware activity going on in my computer. I have the lastest Mcafee Security Suite 2008 12 in 1. It can find this Trojan but it tells me no action is required, and in a different part it tells me that it will scan again after restart. But i get no option to restart, and I manually restart my computer and nothing happens its still there( the alert). I also ran a DOS scan in safemode with the latest dat files and still nothing happens. I,ve also run theses programs as well, AVG anti-spyware, super antispyware, AD-Ware 2007(its updated) and Spybot, and still it lives.

      What do I do Now????? Please Help

      The Trojan is Called Fakealert-S.dll