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    random Error messages

      We have recently rolled out endpoint device encryption to a large number of devices throughout our network. Most of the devices are fine but we are getting an increasing number of devices locking out without out hitting the isolation period. Looking at the audit trails in the mgt console we get the following errors

      0x08000012 - Machine Config Expired
      Undefined - Machine Config Expired

      This is happening on machines that users have been using happily the previous day and then the next they are locked. One user actually had the problem resolved on the Tue and Wed morning got the same error. All the devices are syncing with out a problem.

      After spending a few hours trawling through the documentation and this forum I am still none the wiser why we are getting this issue. Can any one shed any light on the problem or at least point me in the right direction ?

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          can you post the latest client log from one of these machines?
          • 2. audit log.
            Here’s the log for the device that locked out over two days, I have obviously removed user names etc from the audit but you can see prior to 24\02\2009 everything was fine, (originally installed 28\10\2008) then we hit the first “machine config Expired” and it all goes from there. As soon as i can i will post the log from the client.

            Audit log from console
            22/02/2009 12:59:22,0x04000001,"" (ID=000040b7\Type=00000001),Logon successful
            22/02/2009 15:10:25,0x02000001,"" (ID=000040b7\Type=00000001),Logon attempt
            22/02/2009 15:10:29,0x04000001,"" (ID=000040b7\Type=00000001),Logon successful
            22/02/2009 19:37:35,0x02000001,"" (ID=000040b7\Type=00000001),Logon attempt
            22/02/2009 19:38:05,0x04000001,"" (ID=000040b7\Type=00000001),Logon successful
            23/02/2009 13:42:17,0x02000001,"" (ID=000040b7\Type=00000001),Logon attempt
            23/02/2009 13:42:36,0x04000001,"" (ID=000040b7\Type=00000001),Logon successful
            23/02/2009 14:49:29,0x02000001,"" (ID=000040b7\Type=00000001),Logon attempt
            23/02/2009 14:49:32,0x04000001,"" (ID=000040b7\Type=00000001),Logon successful
            24/02/2009 11:05:00,0x02000001,"" (ID=000040b7\Type=00000001),Logon attempt
            24/02/2009 11:05:25,0x04000001,"" (ID=000040b7\Type=00000001),Logon successful
            24/02/2009 15:30:32,0x02000001,"" (ID=000040b7\Type=00000001),Logon attempt
            24/02/2009 15:30:35,0x04000001,"" (ID=000040b7\Type=00000001),Logon successful
            24/02/2009 15:30:35,0x08000012,N/A,Machine configuration expired
            24/02/2009 15:31:51,0x02000001,"" (ID=000040b7\Type=00000001),Logon attempt
            24/02/2009 15:31:54,0x04000001,"" (ID=000040b7\Type=00000001),Logon successful
            24/02/2009 15:31:55,0x08000012,N/A,Machine configuration expired
            24/02/2009 15:34:09,0x02000001,"" (ID=000040b7\Type=00000001),Logon attempt
            24/02/2009 15:34:16,0x04000001,"" (ID=000040b7\Type=00000001),Logon successful
            24/02/2009 15:34:16,0x08000012,N/A,Machine configuration expired
            24/02/2009 16:15:39,0x02000016,"" (ID=000001b4\Type=00000002),Recovery started
            24/02/2009 16:15:39,0x04000016,"" (ID=000001b4\Type=00000002),Boot once recovery
            24/02/2009 21:39:46,0x02000001,"" (ID=000040b7\Type=00000001),Logon attempt
            24/02/2009 21:39:49,0x04000001,"" (ID=000040b7\Type=00000001),Logon successful
            24/02/2009 21:39:49,0x08000012,N/A,Machine configuration expired
            24/02/2009 21:40:42,0x02000001,"" (ID=000040b7\Type=00000001),Logon attempt
            24/02/2009 21:40:46,0x04000001,"" (ID=000040b7\Type=00000001),Logon successful
            24/02/2009 21:41:07,0x02000002,"" (ID=000040b7\Type=00000001),Change password
            24/02/2009 21:41:07,0x08000002,"" (ID=000040b7\Type=00000001),Password change failed
            24/02/2009 21:42:09,0x02000002,"" (ID=000040b7\Type=00000001),Change password
            24/02/2009 21:42:09,0x08000002,"" (ID=000040b7\Type=00000001),Password change failed
            24/02/2009 21:42:46,0x02000002,"" (ID=000040b7\Type=00000001),Change password
            24/02/2009 21:42:46,0x04000002,"" (ID=000040b7\Type=00000001),Password changed successfully
            24/02/2009 21:42:49,0x08000012,N/A,Machine configuration expired
            25/02/2009 10:49:22,0x02000001,"" (ID=000040b7\Type=00000001),Logon attempt
            25/02/2009 10:49:23,0x04000001,"" (ID=000040b7\Type=00000001),Logon successful
            25/02/2009 10:49:23,0x08000012,N/A,Machine configuration expired
            02/03/2009 09:19:08,0x02000001,"" (ID=000040b7\Type=00000001),Logon attempt
            02/03/2009 09:19:08,0x04000001,"" (ID=000040b7\Type=00000001),Logon successful
            02/03/2009 09:19:08,0x08000012,N/A,Machine configuration expired
            02/03/2009 12:12:14,0x02000001,"" (ID=00003a3a\Type=00000001),Logon attempt
            02/03/2009 12:12:14,0x08000001,"" (ID=00003a3a\Type=00000001),Logon failed
            02/03/2009 12:15:27,0x02000016,"" (ID=000001b4\Type=00000002),Recovery started
            02/03/2009 12:15:28,0x04000016,"" (ID=000001b4\Type=00000002),Boot once recovery
            02/03/2009 12:20:46,0x01000014,N/A,Check for configuration updates
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              that's the audit - do you have the client log? We need to see if it's actually synchronizing.