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    Moving Safeboot to another network environment


      Current situation:
      At this moment we are doing a project of centralizing several branch-offices to a off-site datacenter. One of the branch-offices is using Safeboot so there is a server with Safeboot 5.1 installed. This server will be discontinued when everything is migrated and the project is finished.

      Safeboot is licensed to use the AD Connector but I'm not sure whether it is being used or not.

      New situation:
      At the datacenter there will be installed a brand new Windows-domain in an unused IP-range, new hostnames and new hardware. Off course Safeboot needs to become available for the current users in the new network environment.

      My question is simple: What's the best practice to move/migrate the current Safeboot configuration "transparently", including all users, objects, licenses (and so on) to this new network environment without disturbing the end-users?

      In this post I've read which (simplified) says that I need to copy the SBadmin-folder from the old server to the new server. This post says I need to modify SDMCFG.INI to point the existing SB-users to the new server. Is this an option for my situation?

      Thank you in advance.
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          what method do your clients use to connect to the server at the moment? IP or DNS?
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            Thank you for your prompt reply. The clients use IP to connect to the SB-server.

            (Just wondering: Does it make any difference as the new environment uses a new (Windows)domain, new IP-range and new hostnames/FQDNs?)
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              urgh. that's really bad.

              the simple answer is you now need to touch every machine and teach it about the new DNS name of the SafeBoot server - if you'd use DNS names to start with you could have just picked up the directory, moved it to the new server and re-assigned the DNS name.

              fixed IP's are always bad news.

              Personally I'd pay for some professional services if you have more than a handful of active machines. The migration can be done, but doing it without loosing touch with any machines will be hard.
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                Thank you.

                As I understand, the safest way is probably to uninstall the SB-clients from the clients and re-install them using a new package from the new environment?

                But what about the licenses? Is there a way to 'transport' them to the new environment?
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                  that will take you forever - you will need to decrypt everyone...

                  you just need to swap all the clients from using a static IP address to a DNS name, then you can move your server easily.

                  if you install a new server, you'll need new license keys, that would be a real pain.

                  Just get some prof services to fix the problem with using a static IP and then you can move just by copying the database and app directory to your new server.

                  if you want to do it yourself, you need to create a new file group with a merge INI of SDMCFG.ini which changes the connection name from IP to DNS, then deploy that new file set to all your machines.

                  Once it's done, you can move the server. You then need to track the last checkin date of the environment to highlight any machines which didn't make the switch to DNS.