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    Help with custom theme

      I have sent a few of our logos to the engineers but they can't seem to find where to remove the information about the token in the login screen. What I see is our logo in the background but then on the left side there is some text about "select token to...." and then on the top right of the screen it looks like an icon for a keypad that they can't seem to get rid of.

      They sent me the theme creator but since there was no documentation, I had no idea how to work it. Has anyone had any experience with this or know how to remove those items above? I have our images so if someone is feeling extra nice and could put it together for me, I would be greatly appreciative.

      Thanks so much in advance and thanks for your help!
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          can you tell me who sent you the theme creator?

          you can't remove the token selection list - if you did, there would be no way to logon if the user canceled out of the login box.

          send me your background bitmap and I'll throw it through the theme creator for you.
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            I talked to our sales rep at Mcafee and he sent it to me.

            Do you have an email address that I can send the images to? Also, I'll tell you my rep's name in the email (didn't want to broadcast his info).

            Also, I think that would be okay to remove the text - I don't see any reason why a user would "cancel" out of the login screen anyway so that scenario shouldn't come up. If they did cancel out, couldn't they just reboot and get the login screen again?

            Thanks for your help with this!
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              about all I can suggest re the token selection box is to move it off the screen, but I'm not even sure that's possible.

              how about putting it under the login box?

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                A manual work around
                Open the Graphics.ini for your theme
                Under each screen resolution modify the section TokenSelect
                Prompt.Rect is the dimensions/location for the "select token to"
                TokenList.Rect is the frame which contains the button pad you describe
                You can resize or reposition within the boundaries defined by Window.Rect=
                To effectively hide the components reduce their size to 1 pixel.
                From my own experiments you can't remove the component entirely as it reverts to a default.
                Use the standard update method to update the fileset.

                I would not recommend hiding the token select. I have kept it in so that some clients can use smartcards for two factor authentication and also to avoid a restart for user recovery for password tokens. I repositioned it to be aligned on the left of the screen and looks good.
                I am envious as couldn't get a copy of the theme creator.

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                  if you ever have to call support - PLEASE tell them you did this as it will confuse the hell out of them if the token list has vanished..