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    dlp agent

      Hello everyone!

      Could someone please help me! It's been days I'm struggling with the installation of DLP with no success!
      Could you tell me how to check if the communication between the dlp agent and the events collector is OK ?
      Indeed I don't know what to think about that : When I go to Report/DLP Monitor on ePO I can see that my agent is installed but when I check "DLP Agent Installation Report" on the DLP report browser, it is said that no agent is installed.... can somebody tell me where the problem come from?

      I can affect policies on the computer host but it doesn't matter whatever I do nothing's happening...

      Please help.

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          From your client system where DLP agent is installed, try to telnet on port 43000 (default during installation). If you can telnet then agent is communicating with the EC.

          Did you configure your agent properly?

          - A
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            Thanks for your answer!

            Actually I've succeeded to install the agent and the communication between agent DLP and event collector works just fine because each event that's happening on the client system appears on the DLP monitor on ePO but........when I check "DLP Agent Installation Report" on the DLP report browser, there's still no agent installed even though there actually are agents that are installed and working fine.

            Plus, as mentionned on another thread on the forum I got another problem with the DLP dashboard on ePO! Indeed there's actually no dashboard appearing!! it's written something like "unable to display this monitor because of an unrecoverable error".

            Thanks for help!

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              I think we had the same problem with DLP reporting and I found KB60230
              "ePO 4.0 dashboard for McAfee Data Loss Protection is blank"

              An agent wakeup call with Get full product properties is often mistaken as the overriding factor to force a full properties collection. The overriding control is actually in the ePO Agent policy. If the policy for the ePO agent is set to collect minimal properties over full properties, this setting will override the manual agent wakeup call request to Get full product properties.

              Hope it helps,

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                The reason you probably didn't get any replies the first two times, is that you are posting to the wrong forum. This is for SafeBoot/McAfee Endpoint Encryption, which DLP is not a subset of.

                Of course the forums are a good place for people to share experiences with products, but if you need help fast... call McAfee support.
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                  Backup the policy of DLP in ePO,then reinstall DLP(server、dlp report etc.)
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                    The forum title and description are a bit misleading, the description for the McAFee Endpoint Encryption forum is "This forum is designed for business administrators of Mcafee Data Protection products including Endpoint Encryption/Safeboot, Port Control and the Total Protection for Data suite.", and I think that DLP is a subset of the Total Protection for Data (TOPS for Data) Suite. Perhaps we should suggest an administrator rename or create a new forum happy ?
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                      Your right. It does have that in the description of the forum. Does it make sense to have it under here? I would think that it would be to easy to confuse that DLP product with Reconnex (another recent McAfee acquisition).