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      Hi, I hope this is the right place to post this, if not, very sorry. Anyway my dad got an email from "Mcafee" I guess, and It's actually from winferno.com, I've been looking on google, it says it associates with McAfee but I don't see anywhere on McAfee's site where it talks about it. So my dad bought that 2008 update for McAfee, from this Winferno, it also installed this PC Confidentialty for an additional 10$, so it cost 70$, he has the receipt, I can post it when I get home if need be..but the problem here is, I noticed it when I got home, its got loads of spyware, it changed my homepage and saying I'm terribly infected and all that jazz..I know its a scam, and I keep getting popups, and in the bottom right where my icons are, there are 2 new ones constantly blinking telling me im infected, I guess what I'm asking is...does anyone know about winferno? I used search on forums, I couldn't find anything, any help at all on this would be great..