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    Windows XP + Ubuntu Linux Dualboot with Safeboot

      Does anyone know if it possible to Dualboot Windows XP & Ubuntu Linux on a pc where Safeboot is installed?
      If it is possible, in what order should XP / Ubuntu / Safeboot be installed?
      Safeboot is not required to encrypt the Linux partition.

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          Hopefully this helps and is okay to post:

          Another option may be 1) Install Windows 2) SafeBoot 3) Run Ubuntu Windows installer. That one's a pure guess as I haven't had time to look into dual boot yet.
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            Dual-boot with safeboot is fairly simple to setup, but it took me several attempts before i got it right. I initially thought it would work best to chain linux from the Windows boot.ini. Worked great without safeboot, but installing SB threw a wrench in the works - windows would boot, but GRUB would hang.

            The easiest sequence is Windows -> Safeboot -> Linux

            Here's the brief overview:

            1. Partition your hard drive (or resize your windows partition if already installed). This won't work if you've already installed SB, you'll either need to remove SB or follow the directions in the link m.taylor posted.

            2. Install Safeboot

            3. Boot with a linux live CD and copy the MBR
            dd if=/dev/sda of=/your_usb_drive/safeboot.mbr bs=512 count=1

            4. Install linux, GRUB will overwrite the MBR

            5. Boot into linux, copy safeboot.mbr to /boot

            6. Update /boot/menu.lst as follows:
            title Microsoft Windows XP
            rootnoverify (hd0,0)
            chainloader (hd0,5)/safeboot.mbr

            Modify (hd0,0) to match your windows partition, (hd0,5) will be your /boot parition.
            Remember that GRUB numbers partitions starting with 0 - (hd0,5) is /dev/sda6

            On your next boot, you can select Windows XP from the GRUB menu, and you'll be presented with the safeboot login screen.
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              BTW - Once you do this, you should NOT attempt to update your SB client files from the console. SB will synchronize and update the MBR...and you will be unhappy. :D

              I haven't tested it yet, but i suspect that you could probably copy safeboot.mbr back over GRUB, boot Windows, update SB client files, then copy the new MBR to /boot/safeboot.mbr and reinstall GRUB. I'll post results when i get around to trying it.
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                did you know..

                a) there's no product called SafeBoot? (it's been called Device Encryption for PC's since 2001, then Endpoint Encryption for PC's since 2009. The last product called "SafeBoot" was version 3.2 back in 1999 :D

                b) Endpoint Encryption for PC's v5 has a built in boot menu system which will let you boot from any primary partition


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                  I think we had issues with the EE grin boot manager. Windows booted just fine but when you selected the Linux partition it wouldn't boot. Just went to a black screen.

                  Perhaps that may have been correctable but McAfee support basically just told us it wasn't supported. So kurtzl came up with the solution he posted.
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                    I expect because Linux was not on a primary partition of its own.

                    interesting solution you have though.
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                      I actually did have linux installed to a primary partition. Presumably there was some detail i was missing, but safebo....er EE support grin wasn't able to identify the problem.
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                        Then I suppose you should change your forum name :eek: ... not to mention the tons and tons of your 5.x documentation that still refers to it as SafeBoot (pre-5.1.7 anyway) happy Also, your premier guys still call it SafeBoot, as does your call center. If you gave ex-SBers and McAfee the last 8 years to start calling it "Device Encryption for PCs" and they're all still calling it SafeBoot, I can't imagine how long it's going to take before you'll get everyone to start calling it "McAfee Endpoint Encryption!"

                        :-Dnull :-Dnull :-Dnull :-Dnull
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                          oh harsh.. harsh indeed.

                          I picked "SafeBoot" as my forum name because I represent the knowledge base for the complete product set that the old company supported. I thought it was appropriate at the time, now you make me doubt that.

                          I just flicked through the old docs as well - from what I could see the term "SafeBoot" is used to define the suite of products, or the company exclusively, but I agree, because marketing made us pre-empt every damn product reference with it, it gets a little confusing - we talk about "SafeBoot Device Encryption for PC's", ie the product Device Encryption for PCs .. made by SafeBoot.

                          This is to stop people confusing it with Utimaco Device Encryption (those sneaky Europeans copied our naming convention a few years ago).

                          So, yup, it seems we shot ourselves in the foot on this one.

                          I'm going to hide in a hole now Christopher. Thanks for ruining my Friday. :mad:
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