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    webHelpdesk - Time Out

      I think that the following is an interntet explorer config problem but having problems putting my fingure on what is causing the following

      On some PCs when administrators press "Confirm" to reset a users password the page hangs either with https://SERVER/SbWebPassword/logon.sbh?


      a status of Opening page ChangeUserPassword.sbh?kjdshhnKKKjdjmn\lknxnkekxlkkk
        • 1. getting the same issue
          We are getting the same problem with one of our service desks. has there been a resolution to your problem ?
          • 2. Progress on webHelpdesk timeout
            Hello Pete

            Some further info and an update as to where I've got to, We are using Build B5500, the webServer is running with a certificate issued by our root CA, the site is registered as a trusted site in group policy and has a security config of low for this zone, also checked that access to the webServer is not via the proxy. Behaviour was found to be effecting only some clients using IE 6 and 7 (On effected machines Firefox works fine), other features such as recovery work fine.

            Pinned down the problem to being machines with the firewall client installed, however disabling the firewall client was not enough, needed to remove and reboot. My confusion comes from the fact that this page should not be going via the proxy and so ignored by the client, other features such as recovery work fine stranger again was that on some of the effected machines clicking on the confirm button repeatedly got the page to .

            For those that need the firewall client I've used a temporary work around of using the page on a terminal server but I will have a look at this again.

            Also I have modified the page Web\sbwebpassword\changeuserpassword.htm by removing

            if (theForm.Password.value == "")
            alert("Please enter a value for the \"Password\" field.");
            return (false);

            This was to stop the script error due to that page not having a "Password" object (Timeout happens before and after this change)
            • 3. Fix
              Call support and ask about this.
              There is a new webrecovery app
              • 4. RE: Fix
                When have a time out issue with some users when they try to register for the web recovery. When the user selects the 3 questions and answers and clicks submit the web page hangs and never completes. The web page works from Firefox but not from IE6 or IE7.
                Can you tell me what the version number is for the new webrecovery app?
                We are running Version: 5.1.7.
                • 5. RE: Fix

                  I'm having this same issue. Helpdesk operator and administrators recovery both work fine but the Users recovery does not, it hangs after user enters the answers to the questions when registering. Has anyone found a solution. We are running V5.2. We have not utilized the users self recovery web option thus far but management is wanting to start utilizing this option.
                  • 6. RE: Fix
                    We changed to the Apache version from the orginial. Have not had any issues since.
                    • 7. RE: Fix

                      Sorry to sound stupid but what is the apache version and how do I get it and install it.
                      • 8. RE: Fix
                        McAfee support gave it to us. You have to install Apache and run that instead of the http server. The instruction are okay, we had issues changing since we were still on safeboot names on one server, the rest were easy.
                        • 9. RE: Fix

                          Thank you! I'll give them a call.
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