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    Accessing encrypted data.


      In version 4 of Safeboot to access the encrypted drive if system fails, you had to mount it using WinTech and to do so, the key file is a must. Often it was necessary to proceed with these steps to fix Windows, for example by simple CHKDSK. It is kind of pain happy for remote users, as they have to ship their laptops to the office and because of that the whole process takes couple of days.

      I'm wondering if any simple solution which doesn't require the sdb file was developed in newer version of Endpoint Encryption, for example an option allowing to access command line (avoiding multiple boot which could be done regardless safeboot), or ability to mount the device in WinTech, without using the key file, just by providing valid username and password instead?

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          I'm using v5.1.7. When booting my recovery disk, I get an option to Authenticate against the SbFS or to authenticate against the database object, which is probably what you're doing with Version 4. I tested authenticating against the SafeBoot File System and it seemed to work fine - and it would seem this might be what you're looking for?

          If you have an account on the McAfee download site (I think all you need is your grant number...), you'll probably have a download for v5.1.7 (Build 5500) up there if you're looking to test it out - I think the trial license is 30 days or so. You can probably also get a copy from your McAfee Account Manager.
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            This is probably what we need. I found something about it in Safetech / WinTech Admin Guide, and it is great to have it confirmed, thanks.