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    Multiple users unable to login with their Safeboot password - Audit log inaccurate

      Yesterday 19.02.2009 and today 20.10.2009 , there have been multiple - apparently random - users that have been unable to login into Safeboot using the same password that they have been using for the past few months.

      The passwords have not been set to expire within the Admin Console and one MINOR change was made to the Group Configuration yesterday morning so that Password time-out is disabled. This was pushed out to all users within the Groups through Reset All to Group Configuration and the option to Exclude Tokens was checked.

      The issues that occurred yesterday happened before this change was made.

      Strangely enough, there is nothing showing in the Audit log for each user stating that login attempts have been unsuccessful and our reporting module is not showing anything either regarding the login failures.

      Any ideas on what could have happened? Any assistance would be appreciated.