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    Using LDAP to block email - IronMail 6

      IronMail 6.5.4

      We are trying to block certain distribution groups from receiving email but we are having a heckuva time. We are trying to do so by using LDAP search filters.

      A rule was set up with the following settings:

      Operations: Routing, Address Validation, Real Time
      Domain type: Global Rule

      The search query is:

      (&(proxyAddresses=SMTP:<$EMAIL$>)(mail=<$EMAIL$>)(!(memberof=cn=Blocked Group,OU=Groups,DC=corp,DC=net)))

      The syntax appears to work when tested but groups that were a member of the Blocked Group still received email. This was because the LDAP fail open was enabled. When failover was disabled, no one (in our out of this group) received email.

      Am I putting this query in the right place.

      Should I create a rule using synchronized operations?

      Any help is much appreciated.