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    Command Line Scanner & MailMarshal SMTP

      I'm looking at implementing MailMarshal SMTP and have read in their documentation that I can integrate the use of McAfee Command Line Scanner with it for AV protection.

      My questions are

      1) Does anyone else use the command line scanner with MailMarshal and how does it perform?

      2) How can I automate keeping the dat files up-to-date for the command line scanner?


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          It will likely perform as bad as Micheal Jackson on his return concerts.

          The command line scanner will work, but only for a small volume of emails.

          If you can purchase or use a scanner that integrates better with Mailmarshal. then you will have much better performance.

          All that aside - If you want to use it, then you probably want to create a batch file which downloads the latest zip file from here: ftp://ftp.mcafee.com/pub/datfiles/english/ each day and copies it into the directory where the engine resides.
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            There is a fully integrated option for McAfee, Sophos and Norman with MailMarshal but because I already have licences for McAfee that's why I'm investigating using the command line option.

            Interesting your point on performance :).null I'm going to a concert at the end of August, that's if it isn't cancelled before.

            I would still be interested in anyone elses feedback on their experiences of using the command line scanner with MailMarshal.