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    Safeboot 3.5

      I have a user who has Safeboot 3.5. When the workstation boots up, the user gets this message:

      Failed to open LAYER_KEY rc=5b050006
      Error accessing the Safeboot file system:
      Expected (FID=0010, SEQ=0), Actual (FID=0000, SEQ=0)

      Does this mean Safeboot has been corrupted? If so, how can I remove Safeboot? Would Safetech work?:confused:
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          Yes. It is indeed corrupted. You could do an emergency boot (if the machine has finished encryption) - that will fix it, or you can remove it. Both require the 3.5 version of SafeTech, and the machine's object from your "Corporate Database"

          wow - such an old version! I didn't think anyone was still using it. It must be from 2000 or so?
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            I tried to install SB 3.5 onto a Win NT 4 workstation. The only problem, is that during the install, there is no option to create a Safetech disk. Do you know how to create a Safetech disk on SB 3.5? Or how do you recover a machine with a corrupted SB 3.5?

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              If I remember there's a "recovery" directory within the management center directory which you need to copy to a bootable floppy. You only really need a few files on the disk if I remember right - safetech.exe, sbalg.dlm, recovery.dlm I think, but they are usually all in one directory under the management console.
              • 4. Safeboot 3.5 server?
                Is there a Safeboot 3.5 server? When you set up encryption on the users workstation, there is no option to create a recovery disk.

                I know with SB 4.1 you create encryption and the recovery disk at the users workstation, not on a SB server. With SB 4.2 you create encryption and recovery at the server.
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                  absolutely there's a server - that's where 3x sends its recovery information to. There's a database as well.

                  There's no menu option to create the disk though - just the files are included with the "Corporate Database" side of the solution. Looking at the archive you just need the SafeTech.exe and sbalg.dlm files from the original media on a bootable disk. You should also copy sbrepair.cod there as well in case you need an emergency boot.

                  All are in the "SafeBoot" folder of the original media.

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                    If the RECOVERY.DLM file is not there, can you still make the Safeboot 3.5 Safetech disk with the other two files?



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                      Sure, but eboot won't be possible.