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    clean all safeboot entries after an uninstallation


      in summary here it is my situation

      build a V4 database
      deploy 100 clients
      upgrade to V5.1.20 database
      sync with the clients
      error described there : http://forums.mcafeehelp.com/showthread.php?p=549916#post549916 , i will try this solution
      remove and reboot

      there is still some boring entries (especially safeboot.sys , some keys, soem drivers)
      if i rename or remove the key safeboot in HKLM\system\CurentControlSet or ControlSet00x ; i have a BSOD or missing file at the next reboot (this key is related to safeboot.sys)

      for perform a clean uninstallation , i tried this : reinstall the installation kit (without encrypt the drive , just in enable mode)
      remove the PBA with Wintech
      sbsetup -uninstall but this failed (error e0130006 or e013000e)

      so i have a lot laptops , all decrypted , but with all theses boring entries

      how can i perform a clean uninstallation ? (i think especially to remove properly safeboot.sys)

      all help will be very much appreciate

      Thanks already for having read me