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    MEE Pre-boot file selection

      Hi everyone,

      I have an interesting situation here. Which pre-boot files should I choose in advance prior to make my installation set.

      I created an installation set without a theme and installed MEE on my machine. Today when I add a theme to the same, synced and reboot. It actually corrupted the MBR, my username didn't work. I had to re-image the system.

      So is it like if there is a change to pre-boot and MBR files, I need to remove encryption and MEE and re-install?

      Thanks in advance guys for your help.

      - A
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          EXACTLY what did you do, and what errors did you see? There's no way adding a theme would corrupt the MBR, there's not even a file for the MBR that you can add/remove..

          if you can remember exactly what you did we can tell you what went wrong.
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            Below were the steps that corrupted my MBR and forced me to re-image it:

            1. The first install set I created that was without a theme. I installed the install set to my XP mahine. All went well.

            2. Later I selected a theme and added that to properties and did a sync. I gave a reboot command. I was able to see the safeboot pre-boot screen. All the user credentials inculding admin were working. It was getting stuck at the screen we used to get options for "last known good configuration", " boot windows normally", "safemode" etc. But I couldn't select any option as the keyboard and all was freezed. So since by default it was on "boot windows normally", it boots and gives and error "SBAlg..file corrupted or missing". Then goes to reboot loop.

            3. I tried a recovery from Management console, it was stuck at the same point where it asks to boot in safemode and all. But the key-board and everything was freezed, so it went into a loop of constant rebooting.

            3. To add, I have the option "Enable MBR protection" ON. Is that an issue?

            4. I tried recovering through Safetech Wintech BartPE and removed the safeboot. After reboot, it gave me some XP OS file corruption and advised to insert an XP CD for recovery. But it didn't work.

            5. I re-imaged the system.

            Let me know if you want any further information. Don't you think since theme and all generally comes in the pre-boot sequence, those values are stored in the MBR? Or since we turned the option of MBR protection that might cause the issue...??

            Thanks in advance for your response.

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              are you sure you didnt untick the client file set?

              as you've re-imaged this machine I'm not sure what more we can do now.
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                Are you using the pre-built McAfee themes? When you try this again, make sure the client doesn't do anything with files other than locale.ini, ghaphics.ini, *.png, *.bmp, or *.pbf.

                To make your re-testing easier, don't encrypt at all on your test machine. That way if it gets hosed, you can just boot to DOS and run "fdisk /mbr" to kill the pre-boot.
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                  All right, Guys!

                  Our primary investigation points it to a corrupt installation set. Today we deployed the same package to a new system without MEE and got the same error " Missing Operating System ". But in this case we were able to recover the system by using Wintech.

                  I will keep you posted. Thanks for all your help.

                  - A