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      Anyone know if the Authentec fingerprint readers found in HP laptops are supported? It seems like they should be as HP bundles a branded version of SafeBoot with their machines. I couldn't, however, find any documentation anywhere saying this is so. Even though we don't need this now I was wondering if there were some additional files that should be added to our installation to support them down the road.
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          Authentec, no, as they are not smart. They are just swipe scanners with no built in matching technology (thus insecure for our needs). The newer HP's have UPEK readers which are supported - the requirements are in the latest EEPC Administrator Guide.
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            That is unfortunate. Our HPs are brand new though. Model 2510p and 2530p all purchased within that last year. Also the HP branded McAfee product 'Protect Tools' seems to work somehow.
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              Protect Tools is a HP product - nothing to do with McAfee, Drive Encryption for HP Protect Tools is indeed a variant of a McAfee product, but does not support biometrics.
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                well i hate to differ but,

                biometric pre-boot authentication is supported on teh xx30p notebooks and is sucessfully passed to the protectools/safeboot drive encryption pre-boot.

                we all hope this feature will be added to the mcafee endpoint encryption as well.
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                  new laptops, new readers...

                  no plans to port it AFAIK at the moment - the two products are very separate. Bio is a bit strange in a corp environment as it does not support roaming - ie if you register your print on one laptop, you can't go to another and login with the same id and print - like TPM, your user account is locked to the hardware.

                  personally I don't think that's practical, but then again I use about 20 different machines with my ID.