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    Spamkiller spoil the header

      With checkin' buttons "Add a spam score indicator:" & "Attach a spam report:" or "Add prefix to subject of spam messages:" filter rewrite header and spoil it, makin "subj" and "from" unreadable... :eek:
      how can i get a score without overwriting a header, coz my recepints needs emails at some different languages?
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          You can't.

          I think you will need to focus on solving this header rewrite issue. I have never heard of it to be honest. What versions (exch/gse) are you using?
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            not exch- its a spamkiller for domino 2.1
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              Ok, and than spamkiller is installed as a standalone application? I assume you do not use groupshield on the same system?
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                I have supported the product for many years and do not recall any such issue being reported. The problem you now face is that the product is End of Life. Thus you might now want to consider upgrading to the new product which incorporates this technology and includes new features. The new product name is McAfee Security 7.5 for Lotus Domino which has an Antispam add-on component.


                If the problem still occurs after an upgrade which I believe would be unlikely, would mean McAfee Technical Support would be able to investigate. However they would need an SMTP RAW file to test with. This could be used by us within a TELNET session on a test server to reproduce the issue. In addition to this any case that needs to be escalated to the next level would also need a set of Minimum Escalation Requirements (MERs).


                I am sorry on this occasion that I cannot point you to an article that covers this issue.


                Knowledgebase: https://mysupport.mcafee.com


                End of Life Document:

                KB60584 - GroupShield 5.3 and SpamKiller 2.1 for Domino End of Life statement



                KB59385 -Minimum Escalation Requirements (MER) tool list for McAfee Security Products