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    Good product ? laptop encryption ?


      We currently have Mcafee Total Protection for Endpoint but thinking of upgrading to Mcafee Total Protection for Secure Business which will include Safeboot.

      Just wondering what was the general feeling for this application, we would be encrypting the entire laptop.

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          It really depends on what your looking for if this product will fit your needs. Chances are that the overall feeling on a McAfee board of customers will be that it's a good product - we all went through some type of process to select it.

          I would recommend drafting a set of requirements for the solution you're looking for. Examples of requirements could be: Single Sign-on, Fast Decryption, Central Management, Management through Group Policy, allowing users to self-register, not allowing users to self-register, ability to remotely lockout systems, etc. Then look at the products on the market and determine what fits your price and requirements. There are plenty of free webcasts from SearchSecurity, TechTarget, and Credant (among others) where the different products are discussed ... although I've yet to see McAfee or SafeBoot present at any of them.

          Chances are that if you're already a McAfee customer, there will be some big benefits there for you since you're probably already used to the management consoles, and perhaps even the ePO which I assume will become a larger part of future versions of McAfee Endpoint Encryption.

          But, more to your initial question, my feeling is that it is a good product. But, I feel that way because I evaluated four solutions for a 7,000 user organization, worked with the vendors, setup PoC environments, and most importantly, had our requirements in place so that I knew what i needed from the product long before any one of them stepped in the door.

          If you're unsure of things, I'm willing to bet that McAfee would happily give you a small evaluation key for you to play with MEE (formerly SafeBoot) so that you can see what it's all about.
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            thanks very much for your detailed reply.

            I've currently got Total Protection for end point which includes stuff like AV / HIPs / Groupshield etc.

            we will need to upgrade to Total Protection for Secure Business to include Safeboot but it does look like a good contender.

            Being included in the ePO interface would be very useful. I'll try to get hold of a trial and go from there,

            Thanks again.