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    Cap. Man. data

      Does anyone have any figures on the amount of data pushed over the network when a machine synchronizes? Obviously, this will vary with the number of users assigned to the device and I assume there is a fixed overhead.

      Of course, there are two parts to this, the data flowing between the server and the device and the data flowing between the server and the object database. From a previous daft question of mine, I know that the volume of traffic between the database and the server is 20x that of the server/client traffic but that's not too much of a problem as one server is running on the same machine as the database and the other is connected by about 10m of ethernet cable :)

      I'm trying to work out the impact of synchronizing every 15 minutes as opposed to every hour.

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          How many users do you plan to synchronize to a device and how many devices? If you have 5,000 users assigned to a Machine or Machine Group and you are synchronizing many laptops at once there will be a significant network toll. What is the reason you need to synchronize every 15 minutes when the default is to synchronize upon boot? Do you have changes that occcur in the database contantly to justify every 15 minutes? Can you break up the Machines where you are alternating synchronization such as on some machines will automatically synchronize 15 minutes and other machines delay the synchronization for 60 minutes? This also depends when your users are booting their laptops and logging into EE which may be sporadic. You may want to leave all devices to synchronize at boot and automatically synch every 4 hours on some devices and 2 hours on other devices. Can you get traffic data when synchronization is the heaviest during the day and research the patterns? You will have to do some testing and find a happy medium.
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            As replies go, that one pretty much didn't help. What I want to know is how much data is transferred per synchronisation of each user. From the general silence, I suspect that no-one has the answer.

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              I's more I think that we all think a 15min or even 1 hour policy sync interval is not useful or appropriate.

              say 40KB + 20KB per user to be safe give the worst possible scenario. You could work this out your self from the DataBase server - it tells you how much data it's transfered.

              but, as above, if you've got more than a few hundred users, don't do this - set the sync interval to 8 hours or so unless you've got a completely unique reason you need to update policy so often.
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                Initial Installation:

                initial installation has about 175Kb of data sent initially (depending upon your settings) for each machine. The amount of bytes received by the server is about 27Kb per machine For each user, about 7Kb of data sent from the server to the client is sent and about 2Kb of data received from the client

                If you assign all 100 users to each 100 machines:

                Bytes sent to server=> 100*(175K+(7K*100))=87.5Mb of data sent to 100 machines Bytes received by server=> 100*(27K+(4K*100))=42.7Mb of data received from 100 machines

                After Installation:

                After installation, the amount of data on across your network will vary depending upon the type of update being made (i.e. user token, adding users, audit information, etc.), but is about 7Kb of data sent and 2-4Kb received.
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                  Don't forget, every time your machines synch, they create a new log entry. This could also make your DB get fat with useless "checking for updates" events. It could also contribute to file locking issues for user accounts trying to be updated from multiple locations at the same time. It will also contribute negatively to your concurrent connections limitations of the server.

                  We use boot +3 minutes (in case they need to VPN connect) for initial and every 90 minutes after that.
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                    Thanks for that info, I shall bear it in mind

                    Apologies for the delay in replying but I've had to do some actual work for a change happy