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    SB Server name resolution

      When we install a safeboot client on a machine it is set to look for the servername when trying to communicate with the server. This works fine on the local LAN, however when folks travel the name resolution fails becuase it is only looking for servername not servername.domain.com...any ideas how to set this in the client?

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          Even though it sounds like this is a problem with your DNS settings on your network you can try this.

          Take caution when performing this procedure. This is how your clients connect to the EE Server and synchronize. I would do this on a test device first.

          Go to the EE Administration Console and click on the System Tab. Click on EE Encryption Servers under EE Encryption Servers Groups and you will see your Server on the right hand window. Right click the Server and click properties. Under "Address" you will see the ip address of your server. Change this to the name servername.domain.com and click apply and close.

          Now you will have to make File Set to change the SDMCFG.INI file on your client devices. Create a SDMCFG.INI file that points to the new address something like this for example:

          ServerKey=(Omitted for space)

          Create a File Set under System Tab EE File Groups and import the SDMCFG.INI you created. Make sure to choose "Client Files" under the File Set's properties. Choose this new file set under the Machine Group properties in the Devices Tab. synch down to your client devices and they will start pointing to the DNS name servername.domain.com instead of the ip address.
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            Does your remote clients connect through a VPN? Make sure that port 5555 and 5556 is open on the network firewall. Make sure that your DNS settings are correct on the remote devices. Can the devices ping severname.domain.com and reply with the correct ip? When you created the Server Connection after the install of the EE Server the default address should have been the ip address of the server. Your devices should be synchronizing to EE Server by ip if your devices and the server can communicate while on the VPN. Does your server have a static ip address? Check this before you try the steps from my last post.
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              I would suggest avoiding setting clients to synch by IP at all costs. If you ever have to change your server IP, you'll need to do a lot of clean up for existing clients.

              I would fix the server setting (on System tab) to use FQDN (especially if it resolves internal and external), create a new install set (to fix new clients), then manually update SDMCFG.INI on the existing machines. The reason I suggest a manual fix for the existing clients, is that it doesn't sound like you have that many clients yet.
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                Another cheat would be to force a static DNS suffix on your workstations of "company.com". You could also edit %systemroot%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts to always resolve "sbserver" as (or whatever your server/IP is).
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                  change the server name in the EEMC server object to the correct DNS name, click "add to databases" then rebuild your install set for future installs.

                  for the current ones, create a merge ini to change the lines in sdmcfg.ini as the previous poster said and then deploy that to your existing machines by putting it in a new file group and selecting it etc.
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                    The time has come where we required to change server name resolution from IP Address to the FQDN.

                    Now I have seen a lot of references to 'merge ini', which is used to update the client configs to point to the name, rather than the IP.

                    My question is - what is a merge ini?
                    Is it simply a fancy name for a File Group which you use to update the client configs? Or is there a function I don't know about?

                    If it is a File Group - that would mean that this must be selected forever?

                    Hope this makes sense.

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                      it's a specific EEM file type setting. Yes, you are going to have to assign a file group with this special file in it to your machines forever - if you unassign it, the changes will vanish.

                      the alternate is to use some other method, SMS, login script etc to update the sdmcfg/scm.ini files.