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    Endpoint Encryption for File and Folder Encryption Word Freezing

      I am currently using 5500 Build.

      I have been using the full disk encryption on many laptops without any issues.

      Once i create an Install Set of File and Folder Encryption and install. It causes the pc's its installed on to become unresponsive when saving documents in MsWord XP.

      Its almost as if its causing the explorer shell to freeze.

      Once I uninstall just the File and Folder Encryption the laptop becomes usable again.

      I have seen this now with both 5300 build and now 5500 build.

      The pc's I have tested have sophos AV on and a combination of sophos firewall and symantec.

      I have also tried on XP SP2 and XP SP3.

      All I want to do is be able to restrict write access to USB's with one make as an exception.

      Currently I have allow create self extracting exe's, and restrict usb's except a certain kingston model.

      Please help. We will be using this product on a lot of computers if I can get it to work.