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    System slow after Safeboot install

      Just taken delivery of the new Toshiba Sat Pro A300-10Q (PSAG9E) laptop. We've downgraded it to XP using the correct Toshiba drivers and the system runs fine with the usual build (Office 2003, McAfee HIPs, VirusScan 8.5). When we install Safeboot and fire off the encryption process, the system performance slows to a crawl. Even when you take AV off the system the system is the same. All other versions of laptop are fine with the install set. Any ideas?
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          Could be that the process priority for encrypting the drive is set to high instead of low. I think by default the encryption process is set to low priortiy so that if the computer wants to do other things it puts the encryption on the back burner so to speak.

          Might check that, other than that, you might just try to re-image the drive with a fresh copy of XP and then try the encryption.

          New Image = 20 minutes

          Trying to figure out what really is the cause = days sometimes

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            what product dis you install? SafeBoot v3.5, Device Encryption for PC's 4/5 or McAfee Endpoint Encryption for PC's 5?

            there's no current product called SafeBoot unfortunatly.
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              Looks like the problem is the SATA Drive running in compatibility mode, runs ok under Vista and XP in AHCI mode. Problem is getting the Driver in during the XP installation (F6). Problem for Toshiba, Thanks anyway folks
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                Hi we stumbled across this procedure that seems to work it may sort your issue out.

                We tested the new Safeboot execute on a Ergo Vista 621 (with the Intel Matrix Storage Manager) and found that if the SATA mode is not set to Compatible before installation, when Safeboot attempts to load you will receive an error stating that it is unable to mount the SBFS volume.

                Therefore please do the following before encrypting a Hard Drive:
                1. Go into the BIOS and change the SATA Mode from 'Enhanced' to 'Compatible', save changes and reboot
                2. Login and install Safeboot, restart when prompted
                3. Login and ensure that the Hard drive is been encrypted, reboot
                4. Ensure that the Safeboot has correctly installed (prompting for Safeboot Username and Password)
                5. Restart again and go into the BIOS and change the SATA Mode back to 'Enhanced', save and restart.