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    PasswordBox to TrueKey


      Hi I'm from PasswordBox, but it seems I only got a year of premium? Is this correct (and apparently with the last people who asked you deleted their messages even though it didn't violate your guidelines).


      I heard something about getting a lifetime subscription, in fact I'm pretty sure it said it during the migration. But now its ending?!?

      You've taken a platform I used from me and replaced it with a glorified version - then just taken it from me.


      I'm looking forward to a response.

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          Well we mods never deleted those posts we rarely action true Key posts but just ping the McAfee gurus. We do move messages posted in incorrect areas to here though.


            Thoughts and comments guys?

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            Good morning,

            I can tell you that we would never delete any non violent posts and as a matter of fact, I make a point to get back to as many of the user's I can that post here and on the now gone True Key feedback page.

            Having said that, since I am aware of how PB to True Key subscription  status worked I can definitely tell you that if you were a Password Box lifetime user True Key would have granted you 3 years when you migrated over to us, if you were a Password Box Premium user then this is when you would have received 1 year Premium with true Key.

            Regardless which one is your situation with PB, I will be glad to check it, if you can send me your email address associated with your True Key account to "truekeysupport@mcafee.com"

            Best regards,

            Marc D.