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    What is McAfee's response to the Intel Meltdown flaw?


      Microsoft has published the following article:


      https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4072699/important-information-regarding -the-windows-security-updates-released


      That article states that there is a known issue with their patch for the recent Intel security vulnerability (Meltdown) with AV vendor products. Microsoft says to check with your vendor to see if they are affected and if so what the vendor's response is. As well, the vendor is expected to set a registry key on compliant systems which allows the Microsoft patch to be offered for install.


      What is McAfee's official response? Does it depend on McAfee's AV product? If so what is the matrix of compatibility (McAfee AV product, version, notes, etc.)?


      Looking for an official corporate response from McAfee on this one. Appreciate the help!

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