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    HP TC4200 and TC4400

      Has anyone installed Endpoint encryption V5.17 on HP's TC4200 or TC4400? We have more issues with this make and model. In particular I am looking for any issue after logging into Safeboot you get a freeze and resetting hardware configuration.
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          Well, I found the problem with the 4200. The "Update number of sides reported by the OS" which fixed a problem with our Eseries from not booting up breaks the TC4200and the TC4400 and prevents them from booting up. If we create a fileset without that options selected then the Tc series tablets boot up fine. Looks like now we will have to have multiple filesets installers for different makes and models. I did verify that this problem exists on the HP TC4200 and the TC4400 but not the P2710.
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            I found that this is not so much hardware specific since I can duplicate the exact same behavior in a vmware session. Works without the "update sides detected by OS" in the fileset and breaks with it. Anyone else seen this out there?