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    McAfee WebAdvisor/SiteAdvisor is flagging microsoft(dot)com as malicious


      I was trying to access Microsoft's website to get the Instagram app, but McAfee WebAvisor is flagging it as malicious. I accessed the site by clicking "get it from Microsoft" when Instagram recommended I download the app. I thought that maybe that could have been some malicious ad, and tried to go to Microsoft's site by typing it into Google and was met with many red "X's" telling me the sites had malware.


      I have supplied screenshots.

      Screenshot (6).png

      Screenshot (8).png

      Screenshot (9).png


      I am a little confused... are these sites actually malicious, or are they false positives? I typed the URL into VirusTotal and it came up as safe. Can someone explain what happened and if there is something wrong with the site?

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