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    Windows 10 Fingerprint reader


      I have installed Trueky as it advertises fingerprint reader support for Windows 10 and Windows Hello support.


      • Fingerprint reader is not enabled as a 2FA method


      When I see that Windows Hello is only valid in Edge, I try to log in to True Key on Edge but am told "That did not work" when typing in my truekey email to an existing account login.


      Can I use fingerprint reader as a 2FA method using my Windows machines.  If not, I won't bother exploring further as this will be useless to me.

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          Good morning,

          So to be clear, have you gone into the Windows Hello settings to enable the FP FA option and then gone into the True Key settings to link it with the Windows Hello?

          Also what type of Fingerprint reader are you trying to enable, is this an integrated or an external reader and how old is this reader?


          Marc D.

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            Not sure what you mean by "FA", but Fingerprints are registered and used for me logging into Windows 10 via Windows Hello.  The whole point of my question was that fingerprint authentication did not show up in Truekey as an option for 2FA authentication.


            But my problems have multiplied.


            Having logged out, I cannot now log into the app on EDGE as I am told that "that didn't work" when I enter my email address.  I cannot log into Truekey on Firefox as I am told that "no connection is available" when I allow Firefox to install the addon.


            Soo, so far the trial isn't going too well!


            It is an external USB reader (Verifi P2000) which works fine with Windows 10 Hello and other Windows fingerprint apps

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              I replied to this earlier with greater but your forum software didn't seem to register it. Sigh.


              Anyway the original problem was that fingerprint wasn't offered as an option in truekey.  I then uninstalled an re-installed and now it is there.  But it will not recognise any of my fingers registered with Windows Hello so that now I get this message when trying to "link" my fingerprint:


                   Something went wrong. We couldn't add your fingerprint to your True Key profile.I am using an extrernal Verifi P2000 fingerprint reader which works fine with Windows Hello and all other fingerprint reading software

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                My goodness, this is all over the place.  Now both posts have appeared.


                And furthermore a third install  me to register a fingerprint.  But that has taken my level down to "basic".  Can I not have a number of different authentication methods so whichever one is appropriate can be used.  So face , but backup to fingerprint and if I have no reader on the device I'm using then second device?


                And suddenly the only browser extension option I have is "Internet Explorer" which I don't even use!


                This software at the moment is looking far too hit and miss to be reliable.

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                  OK, regarding Edge, can you try reinstalling the Edge True Key extension, so we can isolate the issue to that extension?

                  Also, can you try using Chrome True Key extension to login instead.


                  Marc D.

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                    The issue with your fingerprint reader is very probably related to the fact that it is an older reader manufactured in 2010 and thus not compatible with the True Key app. In fact, readers older of 2012 will run into some sort of problems with our application.

                    I realize that this might not be the answer you were seeking for but this is why you are seeing numerous issues with the FP reader.

                    Please feel free to send me an email to "truekeysupport@mcafee.com" and I can provide more details if there are needed.


                    Marc D.

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                      Pile of Poo mine was working a few weeks ago and now does not, so likely an update. Only affecting True Key

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                        Let me be very straight with you so you understand, with our previous customer the issue is related to an older FP reader hardware, if for you it was working then we need to assume that you have a newer FP reader. Why it stopped working a few weeks ago might not be True Key related as you think but rather related to the Win 10 OS, depending of the Win10 version you are running, Windows Hello might have been affected.

                        Marc D.