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    Files and Folder issue

      I have a Dell Optiplex GX620 that after the installation of McAfee Endpoint Encryption Files and Folders it starts treating the C: and D: as removable and begins to encrypt them with the content encryption key. We are able to boot to Safe mode and uninstall the software and things return to being normal. We have re-imaged the disk and updated the BIOS to the latest version available, but the behavior still occurs when the same installation set is installed on the machine.
      I don't believe it is the installation set because I have installed it on other Optiplex 620's and 745's and they have worked perfectly.
      Are there settings in BIOS that would cause this?

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          Could you include in this thread the SafeBoot version you are running and the drive connection type standard IDE, SATA (native or compatibility mode), SCSI, USB, or other? Are the drives connected to the on-board connection or an add-on card?
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            I am running Endpoint Encryption 5.1.7 and Endpoint Encryption
            Drive connection type - SATA
            SATA operations - Normal Mode
            Attachment - On-Board
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              Do you have any other removable drives in the system at boot time (USB stick, SD card, etc)? If you have other systems that work, have you compared BIOS settings? Is the image for this machine the same as the others? Check to see if any of the Windows hardware settings would indicated that Windows should treat the internal hard drive as "removable".
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                There are no other drives in the machines that are having this issue. A main difference between a model that works and that doesn't is a gx620 with "multiple core processing enabled" works. The same machine without a dual core chip has a hyperthreading option enabled started encrypting the HD's after installation. The images were identical. Can the encyption be overwritten if the disk is re-imaged? The diagnostic from Content encryption listed both disks as fixed.
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                  The problem appears to be a compatibility issue with PATA zip 250 drives. When I disconnect the zip drive on a system that we were able to duplicate the problem, I was able to successfully install EEFF. I later would hook the drive back up, it would cause the system to hang after the Ctrl+Alt+Del screen. The drives that are in the affected machines are Iomega model #Z250ATAPI.
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                    you are saying if you have a zip drive attached, EEFF thinks C: is removable, but if the ZIP drive is not attached, it does not?

                    that sounds like a pretty nasty issue with the zip drivers...
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                      It thinks that both the C and D (same drive) are removable, but our policies explicitly state to leave existing data alone. Isn't it an issue with the McAfee software? The drive works fine by itself and when I run the diagnostics on a machine with the drives encrypted the software says the drives are fixed, not removable.
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                        If you detach the ZIP drive it does not think C and D are removable though and does not try and encrypt them?
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                          Correct, if the drive is in and the EEFF software is installed the drives are encrypted. If the zip drive is out then EEFF behaves normally and the drives are not encrypted by the EEFF software.
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