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    Failed to finalize reputation for file * ErrorCode 0xc030002f


      Seeing this in the EndpointSecurityPlatform_Errors.log even after updating to ENS 10.5.3 per McAfee Corporate KB - Endpoint Security Adaptive Threat Protection blocks a file despite being set as "Known Trusted" by…


      Failed to finalize reputation for file PATH\FILE ErrorCode 0xc030002f


      Where PATH\FILE is the location and file name of different PE32 files. Seems to be happening on portables that might not have the greatest connections back to ePO/TIE. Wondering if anyone is seeing this issue after updating to ENS 10.5.3?


      This is the full error:

      12/06/2017 02:29:07.412 PM   mfeatp(10148.11704) <SYSTEM> Orchestrator.JCM.Error (jcm_native.cpp:911): Failed to finalize reputation for file C:\PROGRAM FILES (X86)\MICROSOFT OFFICE\OFFICE15\OUTLOOK.EXE. ErrorCode 0xc030002f<

      We kind of like to use Outlook, so this is kind of a big deal.