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    error 0xdb010016

      Hi all,

      I am testing Endpoint encryption with Token usb phantom to logon user at the environment.

      I am trying to setup the SSO for the user (device logon, Windows logon and Content logon).

      The problem is when the user tries to syncronize Content Encryption the first Time with SSO so device logon and Windows logon do the process correctly but Content isn´t capable to do it and when the user logon with the token on Content Encryption the issue is showed.

      "Error 0xdb010016, Access Denied"

      I am seeing about at the documentation but all that i see is about problem with the db objects.

      The problem success with someone users, and i think that the safeboot environment can not do the SSO synchronization because from the end point user the process hasn´t permissions to access to the database and to write on her.

      I hope you can help to me.