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    Mcafee Scan Resource Consumption


      Hello Guys, im facing a problem with Mcafee Scan (General) and (Target)...


      i got a Daily Scan with this config.




      And a Full Scan Weekly with this config...



      My problem its when client task execute the policy... machines that executing Scans the Resource Consumption its insane... people cant even use their computer.


      Any ideas?

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          Good day,


          I've run into the same problem, I've set the resource policy to "Below Normal", which keeps the CPU usage low but not the disk usage.  The task is set to run at night, but execute a missed scan 40 minutes after login.  If the user doesn't leave the system on overnight, they get a very slow machine in the morning.  This occurs with VSE 8.8.8/9 and ENS 10.5.3.




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            Moved from ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) to McAfee Endpoint Security (ENS) for better visibility.




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              I am running into the same issue, this is more of a problem on laptops as the devices are not left on overnight, if we run the scan only when idle the scan never completed as the laptop hibernates after a period of inactivity, it is almost at the point of disabling them as the devices are unusable during scans.

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                Hey, i will try the system utilization... any way i cant put the scans during night because the 80% of the computers are turned off... i got it al 12:00PM cuz people go to eat... so the idea its when they go eat it execute the task for scan since no one notice...

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                  We set our daily scans to perform bare minimum drive scanning like User folders and %TEMP% and saved the disk intensive work for the overnight weekly scans. It is our policy to leave workstations running, but portables can be problematic. Also not as safe but with a 2-day delay from zero day to DAT and On-Access enabled as well as Advanced Threat Protection on ENS I'm not sweating it.