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    Why can't I reinstall Live Safe successfully?  What else do I need to do?


      I cannot reinstall Live Safe.


      I uninstalled it using the control panel on Windows 10.  Then, I downloaded the program and attempted to install it.  It tells me that I need to reboot the system before I can install it.


      I reboot the system and get the same response.  Then, I run the program that starts with an "M" that was suggested if I am having trouble reinstalling.  This program says a complete uninstall was performed, but when I reboot, again I get the same response.


      I have rebooted my PC about 10 times and yet the response is the same.  I have run this "M" program about 10 times, too.


      What else should I do?


      Give up and buy a different program, or what?  PLEASE HELP HELP HELP HELP ME.


      Thank you!

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