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    Current/Exhaustive List of Built-in Statistics.Counter Values


      I've gone looking for an exhaustive listing of current built-in Statistics.Counter values, suitable for use with Statistics.Counter.GetCurrent().  But, I haven't found one in the knowledge center or in the forum.


      I did find this discussion, which is a bit on the old side: MWG Custom Statistics


      There are a couple of reasons that I'm exploring this.


      The first is that current access logs with only single-second precision are making correlation with other logs painfully difficult.  Personally, I'm a big fan of the format from date --rfc-3339=ns as the rationale for the format is rock solid—though an high-precision ISO-8601 format would be better than the current single-second resolutions.


      The second reason is that I've been requested to whip up some temporary logging to show excessive lag from specific destination hosts.  I expect that what I'm looking for is the timer stats: Timer.FirstSentFirstReceivedServer and Timer.LastSentFirstReceivedServer.  But, I'd also like to know if there are other interesting statistics for this.