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    (16000) ICAP client filter error: no ICAP server available.



      I installed Mcafee Web Gateway on dedicated ICAP server, enabled the ICAP option and added "ICAP Client" in rules.

      I configured my BIG-IP as needed, but when I try and upload eicar file i get the following message on tcpdump:


      <table class="infoTable">


          <td class="infoData">

            <b>URL: </b><script type="text/javascript">break_line("");</script><br />

              <script type="text/javascript">

                writeToDocument("<b>URL Categories: </b>" + "" );

              </script><br />

            <b>Current Rule ID: </b>277<br />

            <b>Current Rule Name: </b>Call ReqMod Server<br />

            <b>Error Message: </b>(16000) ICAP client filter error: no ICAP server available.<br />





      Anyone knows how can I fix it? I'm attaching pictures of my configuration.