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    TrueKey does not read fingerprint


      Lenovo Thinkpad T440, Windows 7


      Authentication method in TrueKey settings:     

      Which factor do you want to use to verify it's you?







      1. Open up some login page in browser.

      2. TrueKey: Sign in to use Auto-Fill

      3. Click: Sign in to TrueKey

      4. "Scan your fingerprint to confirm it's you. Swipe your finger on the reader."

      5. Swiping

      6. Swiping

      7. Swiping and hoping

      8. Swiping

      9. Swiping

      10. Swiping

      11. Swiping and cursing

      12. Swiping


      Sometimes it works on first try, sometimes I have to close TrueKey window and refresh web page and retry, 6 times.


      13. Thinking about downgrading to Lenovo Password Manager.