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    ENS 10.5.3 Upgrade


      Hi All;


      I try to upgrade ENS 10.5.3 and some PC's take blue screen. Has anyone install ENS 10.5.3 and take a error?



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          No Problems here: Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (1607/1703/1709).

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            W7, W8, W10 (UNTIL 1709) no Problems just test migrated us internal to 10.5.3 this morning.

            Do you have any THIRD Party security Product like Encryption for Disk?

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              No we use Bitlocker.

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                Take a look at KB82450 Endpoint Security 10.x Known Issues:

                Reference NumberRelated ArticleFound in ENS VersionResolved in ENS VersionIssue Description
                1217114 10.5.3 Issue: In very rare cases, a blue screen error (BSOD) may occur on a system after an upgrade from ENS 10.5.2 to ENS 10.5.3.


                1. Boot the system in Safe Mode or use a recovery disk to delete the following drivers from the folder C:\Windows\System32\drivers:
                  • mfeaack.sys
                  • mfehidk.sys
                2. If you have McAfee Drive Encryption, it is recommended to back up critical files while in Safe Mode if possible, in the event that the system were to become unrecoverable. For instructions to back up critical files, see KB66433.
                3. Use either Endpoint Upgrade Assistant or the McAfee Removal Tool (available by contacting Technical Support) to remove all references for McAfee products from the system. This will allow a proper reinstall to function correctly; portions of the driver file set, registry, and other critical system registration might have been left behind and prevent new driver installations from completing successfully. Related documents:
                  KB86704 outlines how to request the removal tool for ENS.
                  PD27302 - Endpoint Upgrade Assistant 1.5.0 Release Notes
                  PD27281 - Endpoint Upgrade Assistant 1.5.0 Product Guide
                4. Reinstall McAfee products on the system.
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                  We have blue screen problem on win8, win10. Actually I deployed to about 20 PCs and 5 PCs have bluescreen problem. 2 of 5  PCs belong to IT department and we have third party applicaiton AVECTO and TITUS 3 of 5 PCs belong to another departmen (call center) we dont have third party application on this PCs.