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    ENS Web Control 10.5.3 and Firefox 57


      So today is extension apocalypse day for Firefox users. The current version of web control is no longer compatible as of version 57. From what I am reading, Web Control is supposed to have a beta release  of the Web Control addon that support webextensions, but I can't find it. Is it something I need to get from support in a back channel?


      Firefox shows Web Control as installed and disabled, with no option to update it. Chrome has version. They were installed by ENS which is delivered from ePO Cloud through the agent,


      On a positive note, the ENS update for W10 1709 deployed just in time to keep things going smoothly in our organization. One less headache for Fall Update

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          Can you please share how are you managing web extension / addon at corporate level - users removing/disabling these addons, keep running this addon for portal firefox (no need to install, extract and run app)


          we are not able to rollout this due to these limitations (specifically with firefox addon)

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            I'm not sure I understand your question or statement;


            Right now I don't enforce any policies on Firefox at a group policy level because  our team is small enough and independent enough to choose how they set up their machines, and I haven't had a problem with them removing or disabling it. We use Web Control as malware/hijack defense on the web rather than content filtering.


            So right now its just the Mcafee agent pushing out the newest ENS from ePO cloud, which is updating Threat Prevention, Firewall, and Web Control. Are you suggesting that this doesn't actually deploy new versions of Web Control out to the browsers? How are we meant to update it then? We've only been using ENS for a couple of months, but this seems odd.


            Right now I am just working on getting it working on my workstation first, so I know there isn't anything interfering with it on the system (intentionally anyway)

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              Try to upgrade your version to ENS 10.5.3 but as doug.hensley says, could you clarify your question

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                thanks for your suggestion


                at my place, we 500+ client machines with browsers - IE, Firefox ESR and Chrome, would like to install ENS complete package on all these machines

                using ENS WebControl - content filter, browser control, and many more would like explore

                * on IE - users are not able to remove the addon or do any modifications - so this is under control

                * on Firefox ESR - by default on install is disabled, we have to manually enable the ENS WebControl addon and users are able to uninstall/disable this addon in future; would like to have control on this - how to do this is question?

                * on Firefox Portable version and in incognito mode - any way we can control this as well in corporate environment

                * on Chrome - to some extent we can control using ADMX group policy settings available from Chrome providers, but how to leverage this in incognito mode 

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                  I think both Google and Mozilla provide ADM files for Group Policy restrictions, I am not sure exactly what settings are available in the Firefox version but I would be surprised if you can't restrict addon management, or even Incognito mode.


                  Here's an article you might find useful: Group Policy for Firefox and Chrome – 4sysops


                  There was an old addon that added GPO support too that I had to use in a classroom once, but it isn't actively updated and is not compatible with Firefox 57 (aka Quantum)



                  On my original question; Has anyone found a way to get Web Control 10.5.3 installed in Firefox, I don't know if its compatible or not, but the version on my system doesn't seem to be updating, even though The ENS control panel says that's the version installed.


                  I put in a support ticket, but all they said was "Web Control is not compatible with Firefox 57, browser updates sometimes break products" and they don't seem to  have a concept that this was a major change announced months ago that affected the entire addon community.

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                    Hi all,


                    I need to update +2500 machines.

                    Still on Pilot with ENS 10.5.3 and FF57




                    I don't care version number shown in ENS About window and on FF's addons tab. The numbers were and are always different. I really do expect addon to run.

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                      Yep that is exactly how mine looks. Chrome says it has 10.2, so you're right that the version number is off.


                      My interaction with support makes me think we may be waiting a while. I'm only dealing with 30 or so clients, I feel for you. I'm guessing switching to the ESR release isn't something you want to do?


                      Mozilla Firefox Web Browser — Download Firefox Extended Support Release in your language — Mozilla   (its frozen at FF 52 and only gets security/bugfixes, no new "features")

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                        No, just left ENS.

                        Anyway I started yesterday deployment FF57 on ENS 10.5.2 HF2
                        I thought it would be OK with ENS 10.5.3

                        So quickly upgraded on test environment... and still no success.

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                          They SHOULD be able to port over a working Web Control fairly easily, since FF 57 uses the Chrome addon engine and it works there. And since the end of life of Firefox's old addons was known months ago I am pretty shocked McAfee didn't have something ready to go. for us.

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