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    /mwg-core -S connections


      I use this command to display the open Office365 connections. 3 columns I don't understand:"Trxn Index","Status" and "In use".

      As far as I can see, only the values 3 and 26 occur with status. "In Use!" is always 0, the index value can be between 1 and 3.

      Where can I find a suitable explanation?



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          Hi Frank,


          You dealing with O365 too? Are you just looking for the overall number of established TCP connections on the box? If so you can use the command below and look for the line "connections established" under TCP (see below). It appears that it's what the Dashboard uses for the graph labeled "Proxy Connections (in/out) shown at the bottom of this post.


          If you don't mind my asking how many O365 users are you dealing with? I'm looking for another McAfee customer who is looking at rolling this beast out using MWG as the proxy solution. Any help would be appreciated.



          [root@A46DINTW05 mwg]# netstat -s


              80248051797 total packets received

              328235 with invalid headers

              0 forwarded

              0 incoming packets discarded

              80247722813 incoming packets delivered

              76065649823 requests sent out

              1498 reassemblies required

              749 packets reassembled ok


              1203667 ICMP messages received

              38393 input ICMP message failed.

              ICMP input histogram:

                  destination unreachable: 1193276

                  timeout in transit: 8392

                  echo requests: 1928

                  timestamp request: 15

                  address mask request: 42

              38506 ICMP messages sent

              0 ICMP messages failed

              ICMP output histogram:

                  destination unreachable: 36986

                  echo replies: 1505

                  timestamp replies: 15


                  InType3: 1193276

                  InType8: 1928

                  InType11: 8392

                  InType13: 15

                  InType17: 42

                  InType37: 14

                  OutType0: 1505

                  OutType3: 36986

                  OutType14: 15


              2429921680 active connections openings

              4641063085 passive connection openings

              44422462 failed connection attempts

              180682871 connection resets received

              6785 connections established

              80010185743 segments received

              90111669401 segments send out

              626984291 segments retransmited

              15899443 bad segments received.

              312936067 resets sent

              InCsumErrors: 73036





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            With the command "mwg-core -S connections" I can not only see how many connections are open, but also how long they have been in use and what amount of data flows over each individual connection. Unfortunately, the 3 columns listed above in the first post do not open up to me.

            Unfortunately, you can't see a connection in the proxylog until it is closed. In my opinion it would be useful if there is a possibility to manually terminate an existing connection in the Gui.....



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              Not familiar with this command. Do you just run it from the CLI? Do you have to be in a particular directory?




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                and yes you have to run this from CLI.

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                  Am I missing something? This is what I get...


                  [root@A46DINTW10 /]# cd /opt/mwg/bin

                  [root@A46DINTW10 bin]# pwd


                  [root@A46DINTW10 bin]# mwg-core -S connections

                  -bash: mwg-core: command not found

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                    /opt/mwg/bin/mwg-core -S connections


                    cd /opt/mwg/bin

                    ./mwg-core -S connections


                    or you have to add /opt/mwg/bin to your path