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    How to troubleshoot corrupt installation of ENS 10.5


      I have encountered corrupt deployments of McAfee ENS 10.5.1 and 10.5.2, mainly Windows 7 and 10, which require the product suite to be reinstalled but there are occasionally problems uninstalling ENS modules due to hanging processes (despite uninstalling Agent) and registry traces which causes the system to believe modules are still installed even though they no longer appear in Programs and Features .  I have tried various techniques to uninstall modules including command lines.


      I have also tried using various cleanup/validation checker tools.


      As I can't find any documentation to troubleshoot and believe others must be affected...  I would like to find out what methods others may have tried?

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          Hi Alex,


          i would sugest contacting McAfee support for the McAfee removal tool. In general this is the only tool which can remove corrupted installations (especially were the self protection itself got corrupt)

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            We have tried MVSuninst.exe and MCPR... on quite a few occasions these have proved very useful.


            Also found VSECleaner very useful when trying to remove VSE.


            However all of these applications have been around a while and I do feel like we are missing something more current.


            Currently I am looking at having to rebuild 30+ workstations and laptops as I am unable to re-install McAfee (on a positive note, it is a very small percentage of the estate I cover)... the symptoms are very random, it may just be that if all the available tools don't work, then the computers are probably due a rebuild anyway.


            One example that I am dealing with...


            Endpoint Security Platform will not uninstall because it believes Adaptive Threat Prevention is still installed. I have tried to run the ATP installer with the uninstall switch but system thinks this is already uninstalled. Also tried re-installing ATP to see if I can remove it afterwards but attempting to install fails.


            I did find an article that describes a number of ways to make changes in the registry for dealing with corrupt Agents, this was really useful but doesn't cover Agent 5.x


            Ideally what I am looking for is a more current and robust cleanup tool (but I will have to wait on McAfee for this), morale support :-), or tips on things I could look out for in the registry to help deal with corrupt installations.

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              The tools you are using are consumer grade and will not work with ENS. McAfee support can provide you the McAfee enterprise removal tool (mferemoval) which can remove ENS.

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                I confirm too that the mferemovaltool is the god one to use for such a case. Like Wouterr says, open a case to McAfee support.