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    HIPS Client Task update fails in ePO 5.3


      ePO Noob here, so please be gentle!


      In ePO, we have an Assigned Client Task to update HIPS to vers (windows) scheduled to run every day at 8am to 6pm and to repeat every 2 hours.  However, it appears this is not working correctly, as I consistently see 180+ hosts (Out of several thousand) that have an older or no version of HIPS. 


      When I Run Client Task Now on individual hosts and chose to update HIPS, I get the following in the Server Task Log:


      11/13/17 8:28:02 AMStarted: Sent to 1 computer(s)
      11/13/17 8:28:15 AMFailed: Failed RunNow Task


      And under Subtasks:


      11/13/17 8:28:02 AMStarted: Sent Run Now task "HIPS Update - Windows" to "Hostname"
      11/13/17 8:28:06 AMRun now task HIPS Update - Windows received.
      11/13/17 8:28:09 AMRun now task started.
      11/13/17 8:28:15 AMRun now task HIPS Update - Windows failed.
      Details: Deployment/Update task failed, reason "Unknown error"..


      Assuming the Agent is the problem, which I found to be consistent in our environment...I've removed the McAfee Agent from specific Hosts and reinstalled using ePO and the Agent's Run Client Task now. All seems to run ok, but HIPS still will not update.


      Any help will be appreciated.



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          First I would try to narrow down the specific issues. For the machines that are showing as having an older version of hips and not installing the newer version this could be because you're using a client task which is running the full installer. Some products like SiteAdvisor don't have individual patches and to update you just run the full install as you would on a fresh install. HIPS is not one of those products. If you attempt to run the full installer of 8.0p9 on a machine running 8.0p8 it will fail stating the software is already installed. You have to update via an update task.

          Also I've had issues where the update would fail if ips is enabled, i believe it's in the upgrade guide to disable it. Try to disable hips on a small subset and retry the update. See if it now works.


          For the machines not showing anything installed confirm locally hips really isn't installed. The installer could have ended in a state requiring a reboot. You could also attempt to run an uninstall task (even if the products not showing) and then rerun the install.