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    W10, 1709 FALL, Sandbox EDGE Device Guard, Defender and Mcafee ENS? How will all fit together if possible?


      We have adresses this two 3 people from the channel but did not get any info except that ENS is not compatible with Windows Defender.

      This is a strategic question. We repost this question because in current W10 FALL Update Migration projects where customer has

      an existing Mcafee ENS-suite strcuture this is a keypoint question....

      We fully understand the product suites from Mcafee like ATD/TIE etc. But we would like to hear how all fits together if we want to

      use the EDGE version which runs UNDER Hypervisor on W10 1709.





      We have several enterprise customers who would like to JUMP direct to W10 1709 because of the Tracking and block of Directory function
      for Ransomware related. There are several others non user visible like better:


      1) WSUS-Client-Integration and Reboot handling

      2) BITS better with P2P related functions and throttling

      3) Running EDGE in HYPERVISOR (Like Browser Virtualization on Containers like some do now)

      4) HIPS Module from Windows Defender with Cloud Protection patterns





      There were several partner forum comments related to FALL UPDATE and 10.5.2 / 10.5.2 where Microsoft changed important code one week
      before releases. Also comments that MS wants to push Windows Defender.



      If enterprise customers who run full range of Mcafee from TIE/ATD/WGW/ENS/MSEE want to use the FUNCTION with the Ransomware
      protection THUS as we understood UNTIL now ONLY works if Windows Defender is active HOW will MCAFEE ENS in further or coming release integrate into that.
      Windows Defender gets partly or fully de-installed by ENS setup.


      Can anybody from partner side or Mcafee Marketing point us in the correct direction?


      Thank you for helping


      Greetings from Switzerland




      https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/mmpc/2017/06/08/windows-10-creators-update-h ardens-security-with-next-gen-defense/