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    How to uninstall McAfee Endpoint Security Threat Prevention




      I work in a small company and our administration requested to change the McAfee products which are in use now, with another antivirus provider.

      I have tried to uninstall McAfee products already installed on our computers and laptops but the packages are protected with a password. I have tried the default password which should be abcde12345 but is not working.

      The previous IT Admin which work here before me is no longer with the company and I cannot find him. Also, because his relations with the company did not end really good, I do not think he will be a real help.

      All that I want is to avoid reformatting and reinstalling the OS and software packages which we use usually, the main reason is because there are a lot of different configurations and driver packages (the company did not use one computer brand, it is a mix of them).


      I have tried to find a backup which does not have McAfee installed but no success.


      Any idea?